All Aboard the Nostalgia Train – A Look into the Issues with Nostalgia

Millennials love their nostalgia! I've written on the subject before, but I want to come back to it and discuss its implications. Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a great article in the heyday of Pokemon Go and the power of nostalgia. He was recently on Joe Rogan's podcast which is an excellent listen.   I wish I had a timestamp on it, but there's a bit in there where Gary talks about the rise of nostalgia and why he wants to buy companies like Friendster and MySpace and sell shirts on … [Read more...]

Giving Up Too Soon

We've all faced a point where we gave up on something before we should have. There is a point where I've given up too soon on something, or someone. Maybe I come back to it later and it clicks. But for various reasons, some people give up too soon on things. They don't like the feeling of being a beginner again. They hate the lack of knowledge that they don't have when starting new. They hate the fact that they are overwhelmed by possibilities. Before you know it, they've quit … [Read more...]

Those Days where you feel like not doing anything

Familiar with that Bruno Mars song? Today I don't feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed Don't feel like picking up my phone So leave a message at the tone 'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything It's going to happen. You may have been having a great week and you're out there being your best, but you might wake up one day without that feeling. Maybe you didn't get a good sleep. Maybe you were out drinking the night before and feel like shit. Maybe you … [Read more...]

2017 Week 3 Challenge – Dealing with the Lizard Brain AKA Procrastination

My 3rd challenge for my 52 weekly 2017 challenges involves dealing with procrastination. I suffer from massive procrastination. Take these clothespins and mark off five tasks you need to get done at home or at work.  i.e. Hook onto laundry basket to remind you to do laundry. Hook onto papers at work for a project/task you've been avoiding. Try to get five things done this week that you would normally procrastinate!  *Attached: Five clothespins* Do you suffer from procrastination? Well, … [Read more...]

2017 Week 2 Challenge – The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Here is the week 2 challenge for my 52 weekly challenges for 2017. *Note* I meant to write this some time ago, but WordPress was blowing this site up. Looks like everything is fixed now! * *End Note* Anyways, for the week 2 challenge of 2017: Get acquaited with the lost art of letter writing! Write a letter a friend or loved one. Here's some things to get you started.  *Attached: Envelope with paper inside for writing* I can't remember the last time I actually wrote a letter to … [Read more...]

2017 Week 1 Challenge – Play

Here is the first challenge for the 2017 list of weekly challenges. What the note says - Do you remember what it was like to play like a child? No thinking of right or wrong, just being in the moment. Use this car to inspire you and get started on a week of play. What did I do for my week of play? Improv. I had a couple of improv sessions over the week. Improv is one of the best sources of play that anyone can use for themselves. You can be whomever you want, doing whatever you want, and … [Read more...]