The Curious Case of the Recluse

In a time when it's easier than ever to reach anyone , it's refreshing that there are those who still maintain a wall of privacy. There have been many incredible creators over the years who have eluded the public eye. Are they crazy? Shy? Don't give a shit about the spotlight? Let's take a look at some of these people.  Thomas Pynchon One of the most noticeable reclusive people. Thomas Pynchon has written many works of classic literature for over 50 years. Only an old photograph seems to be … [Read more...]

Why Is Pitchfork “The Most Trusted Voice in Music”?

Let's paint a picture for a moment here. An artist that you greatly admire has a new album coming out soon. You've been waiting anxiously for a couple of years for it. You might have listened to the leak, or you wait until the release day. You listen to it and you're not sure what to make of it yet. What are other fans saying about it? What are the reviewing saying about it? You hit the internet and start exploring the reviews that have come out for it. Rolling Stone gave it four … [Read more...]

Of All the Industries Millennials are killing, Why Not The Housing Industry?

You might have seen it in the news. Millennials are stone cold murderers with little remorse for industries. They're killing the golf industry. They're killing Home Depot. They're Killing the Car Industry. They're killing retail. They're killing the napkin industry. Damn those millennials! It's funny to read why this is the case from executives. It comes across a bit like this:   So, with all these industries that millennials are laying waste to, why not the … [Read more...]

The Impact of the Vocal Minority – A Tale of Two Sites

In this article, I want to talk about the Vocal Minority on two large, but very different sites: NPR and Reddit. NPR Recently, NPR announced that they were disabling comments on their site, and moving discussions over to social media and other platforms. Those that commented on the story were upset to see that this was the case, and felt that NPR was betraying their audience. Were they? I did find the numbers quite startling. In July, recorded nearly 33 million unique users, and … [Read more...]

A Discussion On Ad Blockers

Ad Blockers: Great for the people, but terrible for those who rely on advertisements. Do you use ad blocker? I do. It's nice to remove those pesky ads that are extremely intrusive on the internet. If you use ad blocker, no doubt you've now come across websites that ask you to refrain from using ad blocker, and some sites will refuse to load correctly if you do not whitelist their site from ad blockers. Before we jump into that part of the discussion on ad blockers, let's look into some … [Read more...]