Canadian Couple Don’t Partake in the Consumption Game – People are Pissed

There was a heartwarming story dear to my heart published on CBC the other day. How a 30-something couple got rich and retired by not joining home ownership 'cult'. Yes! They've ignored the consumption game! A young couple of computer engineers in the Toronto area, at the ages of 33 and 34, have more than a million dollars in the bank, through cutting back on expenses, picking high-paying careers, investing in index funds, and not buying a house. They've left their respective jobs and are … [Read more...]

Just How Big is the Vocal Minority? A Case Study: The Mass Effect 3 Ending Debacle

It was March 2012. It was the roar of gamers heard across the internet. One of the best-selling and critically acclaimed video game series of the seventh generation of consoles saw the release of Mass Effect 3 in March 2012. The expectations for the finale of the trilogy were through the roof. How will the story end? How will my choices impact the ending? Reviews were extremely positive by critics, although little mention was made of the ending. When players completed the game, it seems like … [Read more...]

We All Think Different, So Stop Thinking We Don’t

I'm done with superhero movies, there's way too many of them. You can't stand Nickelback and think that they're the antichrist of music. You're tired of the overexposure of people like Taylor Swift or Beyonce. With the rise of Pokemon Go, you realize Pokemon made a comeback after all these years, and that nothing happened with the franchise between 2000 and now. You got over the fad at the time. You've built a product that customers had a hard time understanding. It's not you, it's … [Read more...]

Making Politicians Your Saviour Is a Fool’s Errand

It's easy to get swept up in Political Fever. Who could ever forget 2008 with Obama? The economy was collapsing, but people were full of hope when Obama stepped into office. Obama is going to send those damn bankers to jail! I went out the night in late 2015 when the Canadian Liberal Party won the federal election, marking the end of the Conservative Party as the governing since 2006. People were absolutely ecstatic. Look at this Prime Minister, what stunning looks! The whole system will be … [Read more...]

It Worked for My Parents – Why Not Me?

It's 2016. Not 1986. No, this isn't a Baby Boomers vs Millennials article. If you want to go read those, there's plenty out there. Even better, go to the comments thread. I'm sure you'll find that as a productive use of your time. I'll wait for you. So, you're a millennial. You've heard it all before, whether from the media, from your parents, or others older than you. "I just don't get these millennials. It's not that difficult to get a job. Stop being entitled!" "These millennials … [Read more...]

Unconscious Consumerism is Destroying Your Life

You may not notice it, but you're probably living a life full of unconscious consumerism. "Moi? No, I know where my money goes, thank you very much, and good day to you!" Spoken by someone who lives pay cheque to pay cheque while munching down on a Big Mac and gulping down a coke. You'd rather go see Suicide Squad or buy No Man's Sky instead than give thought to where you money is going. That's boring! You'd rather continue in unconscious consumerism. To be fair, it's not exactly your … [Read more...]

Neoliberalism – Continued

The other day, I wrote an article on neoliberalism. Oh boy, I can see you trembling in excitement! Calm down, calm down, I know that you're waiting on the edge of your seat to hear more on the topic of neoliberalism. Or, if not, read something else. Anyways... I got inspired about the dark side of neoliberalism via watching a video that dissected the latest season of South Park and how it had a biting commentary on the rise of PC culture, gentrification, and "conscious" capitalism with … [Read more...]

Neoliberalism – Some Thoughts

As I begin writing this, I have little idea of how to put this together coherently, but thinking about neoliberalism has given me plenty of food for thought. Recently, I came across this brilliant video about how the most recent season of South Park has been an incredible deconstruction and satire on neoliberalism. The video explains how South Park has broken down the PC culture, gentrification, and advertisements to show how neoliberalism really is when we pull back the curtain. To be … [Read more...]

Artists Revisiting Work

After listening to a podcast, I got inspired to write about the idea of artists revisiting work. This came from listening to Revision History by Malcolm Gladwell. In this episode, Malcolm talks about a song by Elvis Costello, called "The Deportees Club". A huge Elvis Costello fan, Malcolm Gladwell was disappointed with the album when it was released, and hated the original version of the song. Years later, he would hear a reworked version of the song, which is below. This version of the … [Read more...]

Productivity Tips – Keep It Simple Stupid!

The internet is awash of productivity tips and "lifehacking". Oh boy! Here we go again! Another listicle of productivity tips! I'm sure you're super excited to keep reading now! Productivity tips, while helpful, end you up down the procrastination hole. How many people do you know can tell you all the lifehacking tips when it comes to productivity, but can't get anything done themselves? Are you one of them? Be honest now, how much time have you spent reading about increasing … [Read more...]

Fan entitlement

There's been a growing concern over the last few years for fan entitlement. The word entitlement is tossed around in many conversations these days, from the entitlement of millenials, a topic that is a cesspool of negativity and finger pointing, to fan entitlement which is, well...a cesspool of negativity and finger pointing. What is fan entitlement? From Fan Entitlement refers to words or actions by a fan that imply (or sometimes even outright state) that the creators of a … [Read more...]

Being Wrong

Being Ok with being wrong is overlooked in how it can impact your life. Seems a bit strange, doesn't it? Society loves to beat into our skulls that being wrong is NOT OK. You need the 4.0 GPA to get a good job. The best in the world got to where they were because they are always right. Being wrong is not ideal. You're better off remaining silent instead of admitting that you were wrong. Anyone with half a brain can tell you that in order to be right, in order to be an expert, you have to … [Read more...]

Low Information Diet – What Blogs to Read?

I'm an advocate of the low information diet. Cut down your sources. I've written in the past about how I keep a low information diet. You should too.  Why? By cutting out the noise, you can focus on the things that matter to you. Too much news is bad for you. The news can be very depressing. Too many sources are simply clickbait and don't make use of best practices. Most news does not effect you whatsoever. Who cares what Donald Trump said? There are a million and one … [Read more...]

The Asterisk of the asterisk

...of the Asterisk of the asterisk (and so on)... Who are these people? They're not the "normal". They're not the "typical". They're not "special". They are so far beyond any of that. These people are not just the exception, they are the exception of the exception, and so forth. They are the the asterisk *, of the asterisk and so on. These people are challenging, these people are frustrating. These individuals are playing by their own rules, on a completely different playing board. They don't … [Read more...]

Challenging Art – Revisiting

Challenging art can be tough to make your way through. We've all been there, trying to make our way through challenging art. Have you tried to watch a film that was loved by a select few for how challenging it was? Have you tried to get into a band that others say are an acquired taste and yet struggled find anything special? How many times have you tried to read a book considered a classic, only to put it down? There is no shame in putting something down that is challenging. You don't … [Read more...]